Monday, 13 July 2009


After a recent sojourn to Greece I am back and starting anew and determined to start posting more often.
I went into town yesterday to meet a friend and have cupcakes at the Hummingbird bakery - so so scrumptious, and then I went to the Whitechapel Gallery to see the Elizabeth Peyton exhibition.

I've loved her work since I was in school and it was so good to see such a big collection of her work in one place. We have completley different styles but her work gives me the urge to paint. I was particularly happy to see my favourite 'Tony (Kiss)' which I had a printout of on my wall for about five years.

There was another exhibition called simply 'Painting' and here I fell in love with Emily Wolfe's paintings. I would love to have 'Haunt' on my wall. They are so realistic and beautifully painted.

Haunt 2006

Lace Curtains 2000

Sunrise 2004

I have a bit of a thing for paintings of windows especially with people looking out of them, when I announced to a friend I wanted to do a picture of a girl looking out of a window with net curtains a while ago, she pointed out that I had already done one like this of her when I was in college. I may just go and start that painting now....

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